Patent –Trademark- Design

As IPP LAW TECH we provide intellectual property rights expertise in the following areas:

Patent/Utility Model Services:

  • We carry out researches, draft, file and prosecute patent and utility model applications before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and competent authorities abroad through grant or registration
  • We conduct prior searches to evaluate the potential patentability of client‘s invention or to establish possible invalidity of third party rights. We carry out assessment of the validity of patents and utility model registrations.
  • We help clients for the management of infringement and invalidity cases and represent clients for the opposition proceedings before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
  • We provide technical advice and consulting and issue expert opinion in patent related litigation
  • We help clients for the preparation of patent portfolio presentations for potential projects, joint ventures, investments  and/or purchasers
  • We represent clients  for the filing and prosecuting  PCT to national phase (Turkey) patent applications and national patent applications with priority and also help in relation to European patent validation in Turkey
  • We advise on freedom to operate opinions prior to marketing of a product to avoid possible infringement of third parties‘ intellectual property
  • We help evaluating on intellectual property protection for improvements on an invention and provide advice related thereto.
  • We assist clients in drafting and carry out filings for utility models
  • We aid clients in technical drawings


Trademark Services:

  • We provide advisory services  on strategies for protecting trademarks both domestically and internationally
  • We assist coordination and management of trademark portfolios
  • We carry out filing and prosecution of trademark applications in Turkey
  • We perform researches on freedom of use of a trademark, we identify possible obstacles for the registration of possible trademarks and provide legal advice on the possible risks of infringing third parties‘ rights
  • We assist our clients in modifying their  trademark portfolios IP  assets, we search for possible gaps in coverage and we provide advice to clients on filling any possible gaps We closely monitor announcements made by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, we carry out surveillance services relating to third party filings of confusingly similar trademark applications
  • We represent our clients for the filing and prosecution of  oppositions before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
  • We provide advice on counterfeiting, unfair competition and anti-cybersquatting
  • We assist our clients in defending against cancellation actions of trademarks before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
  • We advise our clients on negotiation and drafting of license agreements
  • We carry out licensing  trademark rights to third parties and advise clients on assignment of trademark rights
  • We provide protective additional legal services as needed
  • We conducting due diligence work on behalf of our clients and carry out evaluation of intangible assets,
  • We also work with financial advisors for  identifying risks related to possible losses of value of the client’s intangible assets and the value of its business
  • We organize training sessions and internal seminars for clients, their board members, executives and employees



  • We provide services to our clients for full protection of  their copyrighted works and for safeguarding against possible copyright infringements
  • We assist our clients for taking actions in situations where their copyrights may have been breached
  • We determine what type of work or product prepared or created by clients  may be subjected to copyrights
  • We advise our clients for the determination of any copyright related consent requirements



  • We help our clients in identifying their rights, we aim to  to maximize the value of their   business and assist them in protecting their intellectual property
  • We provide advisory services to our clients  as the product is further developed, and assist them  for the recognition of existing design We provide assistance for the protection of   product designs, work closely with our associated for co-ordinating national and international filing programs and
  • We assist clients for  finding  innovative ways to use of the designs
  • We prepare, draft documentation design, carry out  filings regarding same and assist them managing their designs  nationally and internationally
  • We carry out filings and prosecution of design applications in Turkey