Other Intellectual Property Rights

We provide services on all aspects of intellectual property rights including but not limited to:

  • Anti-counterfeiting: legal advice and opinion on counterfeiting matters, unfair competition and anti-cybersquatting
  • Customs measures
  • Filings for domain names and litigation regarding same
  • Right to be forgotten actions
  • National PCT patent application filing in, among other areas, biotechnology, chemistry, mechanics, electronics and nanotechnologies fields
  • Extension of patents, utility models and designs
  • Monitoring of competitors and other third party IP filings
  • Copyright protection
  • Software protection
  • Know-how protection
  • Assistance regarding plant variety rights
  • licensing and transferring  of technology transfer drafting and negotiation of contracts
  • Due diligence and assistance on evaluation IP related assets
  • Assistance of financial advisors on economic valuation of IP rights and IP related assets